Learn to Read, Write and Speak Gujarati

Welcome to Gujarati E-Learning.

Gujarati E-Learning is not just e-learning. It will give you the pleasure of learning Gujarati as if you are in a class room. The process of learning Gujarati is segregated in to various modules.

  1. Gujarati Alphabet, consonants and vowels
  2. Simple words and sentences
  3. Combination letters derived from consonants with the vowels.
  4. Advanced sentences and General Knowledge

The Gujarati teaching program is designed, keeping in mind the method of teaching of Gujarati subject to the students of English schools. Majority of English school going children whose mother tongue is Gujarati, are facing problem in reading and writing Gujarati. This problem is faced not only in English speaking countries but also in Gujarat. This is an effort to teach Gujarati to the Gujarati and Non-Gujarati people, through Internet. Hope this effort will succeed in its goal.

ગુજરાતી વાંચતાં, લખતાં અને બોલતાં શીખો

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